The Operating Report of the Year 2007 (From April 2007 to March 2008)

[Mar] Operating report 3

Now our Tochigi rice "Nasu hikari" is being used for the dishes at Hong Kong Japanese Club.

At "Sakura" managed by Hong Kong Japanese Club

[Mar] Operating report 2

We exhibited at "International Food Expo" in Manhattan, New York.

At the booth of Tochigi Agricultural Marketing Association, promoting and offering samplings.

Cooking demonstration using "Tochigi Wa-gyu".

[Mar] Operating report 1

"Japanese Local Governments Liaison Conference for the China-stationed" was held in Shanghai.


[Feb] Operating report

"Japanese Local Governments Liaison Conference for the Singapore-stationed" was held in Singapore.

We visited "Fair Price" (Singapore's Co-op).
This is a presenting scene.

[Jan] Operating report 4

Also "Tochigi Tourism Seminar" was carried out at the same time.

Many travel agents attended the seminar.

[Jan] Operating report 3

"Tochigi Food Products Business Networking Event" held at the same time as "Agricultural Fair".

Samplings and exhibits

Many local buyers gathered and some developed their conversations to the deals.

[Jan] Operating report 2

Our prefecture carried out "Agricultural Fair" abroad for the first time.

Demonstration of making Utsunomiya Gyoza were very popular. Sold out quickly!

[Jan] Operating report 1

We exhibited at "Wagyu (Japanese beef) Promoting Event" in Hong Kong.

Opening Ceremony

Rep. Inoue and assisntant Maehara were promoting our prefectural pears "Nikkori."

[Dec] Operating report 3

Companies from Tochigi exhibited at "Food and Drink Expo in China (Shanghai)".

Booth of Nikko Yuba Seizo
(from Utsunomiya)

Obaneya's booth (from Oyama)

[Dec] Operating report 2

We exhibited at "Emperor's Birthday Reception" held in Hong Kong.

Rep. Inoue explained details
about the Tochigi's products.

[Dec] Operating report 1

Our office exhibited at "Asian Ethnic Culture Performance."

Our booth with other pref. office representatives from HK and Shenzhen.

[Nov] Operating report

Our office exhibited at "Guangdong International Travel Festival."

Tochigi's Tourism promotion done by
Ms. Maehara (our office assistant) .

[Oct] Operating report

We carried out "North China Tochigi Business Gathering" in Dalian, and next day, "East China Tochigi Business Gathering" in Shanghai.

"North China Tochigi Business Gathering"

"East China Tochigi Business Gathering"

[Sep] Operating report 3

"South China Tochigi Business Gathering" and "Hong Kong Tochigi Reunion" came together.

They had a good time and great conversations.

[Sep] Operating report 2

Nikko Yuba Seizo exhibited at "Japan Fair" in Guangzhou.

The booth of Nikko Yuba Seizo Co., Ltd.

Many Chinese visitors were interested in artificial shark fins, which is made by Nikko Yuba Seizo Co., Ltd.

[Sep] Operating report 1

Our office exhibited at "Japan Week" hosted by Japanese Consulate in Guangzhou.

This is our booth and many visitors were interested in what Rep. Inoue explained about Tochigi.

"Japan Week"

[Jul] Operating report

"Tochigi Agricaltural Fair" at "Isetan Singapore"

"Tochigi Agricaltural Fair"
at "Isetan Singapore"

Agricultural Marketing Association member was promoting Tochigi's food very hard.

[Jun] Operating report 2

Our prefecture exhibited at FOOD TAIPEI 2007. Our pref. governor, prefectural assembly chairman and other pref. groups came to visit.

Our prefectural governor, assembly chairman offer food samplings to the visitors.

[Jun] Operating report 1

Our prefecture exhibited at "ITE 2007"

Our booth at the exhibition with a lot of visitors.

[May] Operating report

Our prefecture exhibited at "HOFEX 2007"

Tochigi Agricultural Marketing Association's booth at the exhibition. Offering Tochigi's rice "Nasuhikari" as sampling.



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