The Operating Report of the Year 2005 (From April 2005 to March 2006)

[Mar] Operating report

We carried out "Hainan Province (China) Investment Research". The expectations are coming high towards Haina.


[Feb] Operating report 2

"Strawberry Fair" was taken place at " C!ty super". The producers and JA-related workers came to Hong Kong. We solidly backed them up. At the same time, "Sake Fair" was held at "C!ty super". Tentaka brewing president, Mr. Ozaki, promoted his sake made in Tochigi.

[Feb] Operating report 1

We invited Hong Kong press (newspapers), and introduced "Platina Root" which takes to Tochigi and other 3 prefectures in southern part of Tohoku.

[Jan] Operating report 1

A group of "Food market study mission" came to Hong Kong and also went to Taiwan. We helped trafficing our prefectural new products overseas.

[Dec] Operating report 2

"Japan Food Fair" was held in Bangkok (Thailand). I trafficed the prefectural produce; pears called "Nikkori" to the visitors.

[Dec] Operating report 1

For the second time, the group with the prefectural governor, Mr. Fukuda, and prefectural assembly chairman, Mr. Kimura, visited Zhejiang (China). I attended them as a Hong Kong Representative.

[Nov] Operating report 2

I gave a lecture about Tochigi prefecnture's history, culture, tourism, etc at Hong Kong City U (Japanese department). We contributed to the educational exchange with Hong Kong.

[Nov] Operating report 1

We had two boothes (Kanto area and Tohoku area) at "Taipei International Travel Fair (ITF)". We promoted "The northern root" from Tokyo .

[Oct] Operating report 2

A group with the prefectural governor, Mr. Fukuda, and prefectural aseembly chairman, Mr. Kimura, visited Shanghai and Zhejiang (China). I attended the group as a Hong Kong Representative.

[Oct] Operating report 1

We joined and exhibited at our prefecture's booth at "Japan Fest 2005". We introduced our tourism attractions.

[Sep] Operating report

September was the month we had a renovation in Jetro, where our office is in. Therefore we couldn't operate much.

[Aug] Operating report 2

We fully supported "Taiwan Tourism Promotion".

[Aug] Operating report 1

I traveled to Zhejiang (China) with a group to attend a "regular conference" held between Zhejiang province and Tochigi prefecture.

[Jul] Operating report 2

We gave an introduction of Tochigi tourism to Guangzhou and Shenzhen (China).

[Jul] Operating report 1

"Kyoho" grapes from Iwafune town came to Hong Kong for the first time. We backed it up to make more traffic.

[Jun] Operating report 2

We inspected "FOOD TAIPEI" and covered the event for the next year's exhibition that we are planning to join.�@

[Jun] Operating report 1

We, Hong Kong Office, joined and had a booth at "Hong Kong International Travel Expo" and introduced our resources for tourism.

[May] Operating report

One of "Genki sushi" group, "Senryo" opened in Hong Kong. We interviewed the executive, Mr. Hirota.

[Apr] Operating report 2

We gave full favors to the inspecting group from the Yaita city board of trade.

[Apr] Operating report 1

We handled quickly regarding to the anti-Japan demonstration. We implemented "Urgent suffering questionnaire", asking the companies from Tochigi prefecture.


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