The Operating Report of the Year 2013 (From April 2013 to March 2014)

Activity in the first quarter 1

  • May
    In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, we carried out Tochigi Tourism Briefing Session, providing the latest sightseeing info to travel agencies.
  • Also we exhibited with Nikko City at 2013 Japan Tourism & Products Expo, which was held at Taipei Station on 18th and 19th.

Kobayashi, Secretary of Industrial labor Tourism Department, greeting at the tourism Explanatory meeting

Promoting at Japanese Sightseeing & Product Exhibition

Activity in the first quarter 2

  • May - June
    Exhibiting a booth the first time at KOTFA 2013 in Soul, Korea, with Nikko City.

The Tochigi Prefecture & Tobu Tetsudo booth at ITE

Activity in the second quarter 1

  • July
    The Nikko City Mayor, Fumio Saito, came to HK to promote its tourist spots.
  • We supported him visiting travel agencies and promoting the tourism materials.

The mayor of Nikko, Fumio Saito, promoting Nikko Tourism resources to HK traveo agencies

Activity in the second quarter 2

  • July
    Presenting a class for HKU SPACE students on Tochigi.

Activity in the second quarter 3

  • July-August
    Taking a business trip to Shenyang and Dalian, Liaoning province China.
    Seeking for the latest economic info and visiting Tochigi companies to look for possibilities for activities in North East China.
  • I visited Mr Kitajima, Saga Prefectural Government Office, the only Japanese autonomous body office in the Shenyang city.

I visited Mr Kitajima, the only Japanese autonomous body office in the Shenyang city.

Now it takes only 1 and a half hours from Shenyang to Dalian, because of the rapid transit railway that runs between Harbin-Dalian, starting from Dec 2012.

Activity in the second quarter 4

  • August
    Exhibiting a booth at FOOD EXPO 2013 from Aug 15th to 17th.

The Tochigi booth with a lot of visitors

Activity in the second quarter 5

  • September
    Factory Network Business Conference in Shanghai was carried out.
    Following last year, the Ashikaga Bank and Tochigi Prefecture displayed under cosponsorship, and we were in charge of backup of business talks for Tochigi companies.

The Japan-China Craftsmanship Business Talk Meeting.
Commemorative photo shooting with joint sponsorship enterprises.

Activity in the third quarter 1

  • October - November
    Tochigi Governor, Tomikazu Fukuda, came to visit HK.
  • During his visit, we became his reception to VIPs, visited the government related agencies with him and promoted Tochigi products. The governor did some business talk on tourism and products, and exchanged opinions as well with political and economic stakeholders.

Kagami-wari at the reception (From the left, Ms. Loretta Wan - HKTDC exhibition division manager, Mr. Fuminori Mimori - the Tochigi prefectural assembly chairperson, Mr. Tomikazu Fukuda- the prefectural governor of Tochigi, Mr. Simon Galpin- INVEST HONG KONG head and Consul Mr. Hitoshi Noda - Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong)

The prefectural governor of Tochigi greeting at the Suggestion Meeting of the Ingredients held at Teppanyaki Sessyu.

The prefectural governor of Tochigi, greeting at the sightseeing briefing session

The presentation by the prefectural governor of Tochigi and the legislative mission at Tochigi's Great Products Exhibition in HK

Activity in the third quarter 2

  • November
    Exhibiting a booth at FHC CHINA in Shanghai from Nov 13 - 15th.

A business meeting between a local buyer and a company from Tochigi

Activity in the third quarter 3

  • December
    Exhibiting a Tochigi booth at Emperor's Birthday Reception sponsored by The Consulate General of Japan in HK.

Visitors trying sake made by Sohomare Shuzo

Activity in the third quarter 4

  • December
    Putting Sato Junichi lieutenant governor at the head of the friendship exchange group, they visited Zhejiang Ministry and Shanghai city for the 20th anniversary of friendship exchange between Tochigi-ken and Zhejiang.
  • During that period, we had some discussion with Zhejiang Ministry administration officials and visited some enterprises.
  • In Shanghai, we joined the East China Tochigi Businessmen Meeting and had some discussion with those businessmen.

Tochigi Friendship Exchange Group promised Zhejiang Ministry administration officials strong relationship

Mr. Junichi Sato, Lieutenant governor, greeted at the East China Tochigi Businessmen Meeting

Activity in the forth quarter 1

  • January
    Exhibiting at Visit Japan Seminar in Hanoi and Hochiminh, Vietnam on Jan 15 & 17.
  • We did a business meeting in addition to an explanatory meeting, and promoted Tochigi tourist attractions.

Mr. Masahide Adachi, the Clair Singapore Rep, Greeted for the opening at Visit Japan Seminar

Explaining Tochigi's tourism with a pamphlet in Vietnamese language

Activity in the forth quarter 2

  • February
    Carrying out South China Regional Tochigi Business Meeting 2014 on Feb 12th.
  • Kiichiro Sudo, the general manager of Tochigi promotion of industry establishment and prefecture product sales promotion department, also joined the meeting, exchanged their opinions and supported their connection making.

Mr. Sudo greeted at the beginning of this meeting

Commemorative photo shooting

Activity in the forth quarter 3

  • February
    We held Tochigi Food Business Meeting in HK 2014' with JETRO at South Pacific Hotel on Feb 13th.
  • 6 companies from Tochigi gathered to have business discussions with more than 50 HK buyers.

A business meeting between HK local buyers and companies from Tochigi.

Activity in the forth quarter 4

  • February
    Joining the Singapore food market research which was held by The Tochigi Financial Circulation Department, JA of Agricultural Co-operative Associations Tochigi and the Agricultural Produce Marketing Society from Feb 23 - 26.

Getting commentary from JETRO Singapore

Activity in the forth quarter 5

  • March
    Supporting the Tochigi booth at Visit Japan Local Gourmet Exhibition.
  • For visitors, we served Kuro Chahan which was a higher-ranking winner at a Class-B gourmet contest.

Comments by visitors was "Delicious".


Reports, writings and reports by media

  • Every month from May 2013 to March 2014, I wrote an article for Asian Heartbeat in Shimotsuke Newspaper.
  • Contributing 3 times to "Trade Publicity" which is a magazine for member of JETRO. The theme oft them were "Tochigi Wagyu Marketing Expansion", " Top Person Tochigi Governor Come to HK to Promote Sales in HK" and "Tochigi Food Business Meeting in HK 2014".
  • In one of the HK's free papers 'Need', we introduced some Tochigi local foods and informed Tochigi related events which would be held in Hong Kong.



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