The Operating Report of the Year 2012 (From April 2012 to March 2013)

Activity in the first quarter 1

  • May
    Accompanying the Tochigi governor for the Taiwan visit: top-level government involvement in sales. Supporting sales activities and promotion events for travel agencies.
  • June
    Exhibiting a Tochigi booth during "Business Meeting of the 13th Zhejiang Investment and Trade". At the same time, we had a visit to Zhejiang Foreign Affairs office and a Zhejiang travel agency.

Tochigi Governor promotes to visitors

A regular discussions with
Zhejiang Foreign Affairs office

Activity in the first quarter 2

  • June
    Exhibiting at ITE 2012 with Tobu Testudo and promoting Tochigi tourism to HK travel agencies and general people.
  • On June 15th, we had a tourism seminar with Tobu Testudo, Kinugawa and Kawaji Tourism Associations to explain the access to the Tokyo Sky Tree and Nikko/Kinugawa.

Our booth at ITE

Hong Kong travel agencies listened
to us with enthusiasm

Activity in the second quarter 1

  • July
    Joining a food mission "Urikomitai" activity that was held in Shanghai on July 24th and 25th.
  • Searching for possibilities of exporting Tochigi products by visiting Shanghai food buyers.

Attending briefing before the business discussions

Company presentations to Shanghai buyers

Activity in the second quarter 2

  • August
    Booth-exhibiting at "FOOD EXPO" which was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Providing a back-up support for Tochigi companies that exhibited there.
  • Moreover, attending the JETRO-sponsored "Livestock, Sake Seminar and Discussions" on August 20th and conducting a Tochigi foods mission on 21st.

A Tochigi company and a Hong Kong buyer discussing business at FOOD EXPO 2012

Explaining how good Tochigi Wagyu is at "Livestock, Sake Seminar and Discussions"

Activity in the second quarter 3

  • Exhibiting with Ashikaga Bank at the "China and Japan Manufacturing Business Meeting" in Shanghai that was held on Sep 12th and 13th.

Activity in the second quarter 4

  • September
    The president, Mr Yuen, one of the Hong Kong's major travel agencies, EGL Tours, made a visit to Tochigi from Sep 27th to 29th.
  • Visits to tourist spots/hotels were made by him, and seminars for tourism-related operators were held, and a visit to the Tochigi Governor was also made by him.

The president, Mr Yuen, gave a lecture at the tourism hospitality seminar

He visited and checked out hotels

Activity in the third quarter 1

  • October
    A manager of a Hong Kong Japanese restaurant, Iroha, visited Tochigi.
  • During his visit, a business meeting on agricultural products, and the visits to Tochigi Wagyu and Nasuhikari production sites were arranged.

Opinion exchanges between production owners and the Iroha owner, Saito

Activity in the third quarter 2

  • October
    Attending the "Municipality Representative Council in Singapore" sponsored by Clair Singapore.
  • In the meeting, discussions on the increasing economic activities of local governments in Southeast Asia were made, and seminars by outside speakers were carried out.

A seminar at "Municipality Representative Council in Singapore"

Activity in the third quarter 3

  • October
    Organizing the "Tochigi Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture Joint North China Regional Companies Meeting" jointly with Kanagawa Prefecture Dalian office in Dalian city. Seminar on social insurance system in China by a lecturer from the outside and the opinion were exchanged among the companies that are operating in Dalian.
  • November
    Carrying out "East China Regional Tochigi Business Meeting" in Shanghai. FHC CHINA exhibitors and Shanghai based companies and FHC CHINA exhibitors also joined the meeting and we had great discussions.

A study session at "Tochigi Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture Joint North China Regional Companies Meeting"

"East China Regional Tochigi Business Meeting"

Activity in the third quarter 4

  • November
    Booth-exhibiting at FHC CHINA in Shanghai.
  • Impact of the Senkaku issue was a concern, but many buyers expressed interest high in Tochigi products, and it looks like we can expect to expand sales channels in the future.

Our Tochigo booth at FHC CHINA

Activity in the third quarter 5

  • December
    Exhibition was held in the Philippines Manila, Claire Singapore office organized to "Japan Travel Seminar" and we exhibited there.
  • The travel agencies that had interests in traveling in Japan gathered here. We promoted Tochigi Prefecture for those companies.

Explaining about the access from Tokyo to Tochig to travel agencies in the Philippines.

Activity in the third quarter 6

  • December
    Providing the Tochigi Wagyu at "Emperor's Birthday Reception" organized by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.
  • The guests made a cue to try Tochigi Wagyu and the 6kg of that completely run out within 1 hour. It was a great success.

Activity in the third quarter 7

  • December
    Participating in the "Promotion To Attract Chinese," which was held in Dalian and Shenyang, Liaoning.
  • Not only joining both seminars that were held in those 2 cities, we visited some manufacturers and tried to motivate them to do incentive tours to Tochigi.

Explaining Tochigi tourism resources at Tochigi seminar in Shenyang.

visiting some manufacturers and tried to motivate them to do incentive tours to Tochigi.

Activity in the forth quarter 1

  • February
    The "Tochigi Wagyu and Tochigi Products Reception" was held at some Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong in the "Miyabi" and hosted by Tochigi agricultural marketing association, etc.
  • Having visitors of more than 130 gathered at the reception, Tochigi Wagyu plate was presented to the restaurants that held "Tochigi Wagyu Fair" in Hong Kong.

Greetings from Mr Takahashi, Chief of Tochigi Agriculture Marketing Association

Visitors enjoyed the taste of Tochigi Wagyu

Activity in the forth quarter 2

  • February
    Carrying out "Tochigi Food Business Meeting in Hong Kong 2013" co-sponsored by JETRO Hong Kong at South Pacific Hotel.
  • Tochigi's 9 companies gathered and more than 50 Hong Kong buyers came to discuss business.

Business discussions

Activity in the forth quarter 3

  • February
    Supporting the Kanto booth at "Oishii Japan Ramen Fiesta" that was held at Plaza Hollywood at Diamond Hill.
  • A lot of visitors with high interests in Japan showed up, and we guided and recommended attractions in the Kanto region.

A lot of visitors showed up at Oishii Japan Ramen Fiesta

Reports, writings and reports by media

  • Contributing twice to "Trade Publicity" which is a magazine for member of JETRO. The theme oft them were "Tochigi Wagyu/Tochigi Products Reception & Food Business Meetings" and "Attracting Overseas tourists to Tochigi Prefecture in ITE2012".
  • For each regional company board, we started to issue the "corporate board of news" which is a summary of the business activities that we have done.
  • Moreover, there was a coverage from the BS Japan, and our activities was posted to Hong Kong free paper "PPW".



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