The Operating Report of the Year 2006 (From April 2006 to March 2007)

[Mar] Operating report

A group of JA Utsunomiya visited Hong Kong for research.

[Feb] Operating report 4

Tochigi's pear Nikkori's reference exhibit at "GULFOOD 2007" (Japanese food fair in Dubai).

[Movie clip download (6.4MB)]

[Feb] Operating report 3

Economic and Marketing Department of Tochigi Pref. and Tochigi Agricultural Marketing Association arrived in Hong Kong and visited department stores and supermarkets to promote Tochigi's Agricultural products.

[Feb] Operating report 2

Tochigi and neighbor prefectures gathers with a big travel agency EGL to discuss and tromote our tourism.

[Feb] Operating report 1

Japanese Local Governments Liaison Conference was held in Macau, hosted by Local Governments offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

[Jan] Operating report

Providing Tochigi's pear Nikkori and strawberry Tochiotome at New Year's Party in Hong Kong.

[Dec] Operating report

Promoting Tochigi's pear Nikkori and strawberry Tochiotome in Bangkok, Thailand.

[Oct] Operating report 3

"Japan Fest" was held in Macau. We promoted our tourism.

[Oct] Operating report 2

Tochigi Pref. Tourism Association exhibited in "Dalian International Travel Expo 2006". Our office supported it fully.

[Oct] Operating report 1

The start East China Tochigi Business Gathering. Completed to unite the seaside network.

[Sep] Operating report

Inviting some Hong Kong travel agencies to Tochigi and promoted Tochigi's greatest spots.

[Jul] Operating report

We carried out "Tochigi Agricultural Produce fair" at Singapore Isetan. Iwafune's grapes sold very well.

[Jun] Operating report 3

Tochigi exhibited in FOOD TAIPEI for promoting Tochigi's food.

[Movie clip download (7.6MB)]

[Jun] Operating report 2

During the ITE exhibition, we held "Kinugawa/Kawaji Onsen Tourism Seminar" at the same time.

[Jun] Operating report 1

Our office exhibited in Hong Kong Internatinal Travel Expo by exhibiting Tochigi's tourism attractions.

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[May] Operating report

We joined in a tour of "Laos Investment Misson".

[Apr] Operating report 2

Tochigi's tomatos sold for the first time in Hong Kong.

[Apr] Operating report 1

Reporting on "FOOD ASIA 2006" held in Soingapore.



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